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Guest I am so fed up with having to send answers about software failures.

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Nordine Bjerke

Nordine Bjerke Dear Guest! Have you tried the support page of the program:

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Guest my pad does not work on the game again

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Kyle This is the best burning program out there, has everything you may need from a program of its kind!
I like what it can do.

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Teddy ANSON I have used TomTom GPS across all of Europe for the last 6 years nearly every day as an International lorry driver. As a household we have had 4 TomTom's over the last 6 years. My experience of the whole TomTom service is seemless & faultless. TomTom Home is easy to use & works perfectly. when I have had any software problems (rarely) the TomTom Customer Support service responds quickly & efficiently with easy to follow rectification. Excellent product & excellent service. I wouldn't use anything else.

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Allan Nicholles I was quite happily using 2.4 until TOM TOM decided to issue 2.5 last year. I allowed the system to update but when I tried to use it I kept getting a message saying that TOM TOM Home had experienced a problem and had to close. I raised this with TOM TOM support and, after many emails, they gave up saying that they'd send me a copy of 2.4 to re-install and that the fault would be fixed in the next release.

Last week 2.6 was released and again, foolishly, updated to this new version but the same fault has reoccured. I've raised another question with Support but, as yet, have had no response from them

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Mo Elnadi

Mo Elnadi A good tool to update and maintain your TomTom, however, it still lacks stability and speed. For example some features might not work properly for few days after a map update due to incompatibility of some software components until those are updates later and then it works fine. Until it happens again in few weeks when a new map is released.

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thomas.merz fine, very useful smile

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Guest I found Tom Tom Home helpful informative and easy to use.

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